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Bedroom Trends For 2018

Bedroom Trends for 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss!

Trends tend to reflect current cultural values. With that in mind, 2018 brings new subtle colors to the neutral palettes while an ever increasing concern for the environment continues to influence design. Any trend you bring into your home should not only reflect your personal style but also enhance the purpose of the room. Consequently, bedroom trends should support and promote healthy sleep so that the bedroom can be your sanctuary.

Cozy Neutrals
Neutrals never seem to go out of style, but in 2018 you’ll start to see them integrated pastels. Bedding, blankets, and paint in the cool grays, blues, and beiges look clean, coordinated, and create a serene space. Pastels are making a comeback as a neutral option. You’ll also see the use of subtle shades of white in the same space to add depth and bring unity to the bedroom. Textiles in natural fabrics and neutral colors add another level of coziness you won’t want to miss.

Unified Bedroom/Bathroom Spaces
This trend made its way from hotels and spas into private homes. A simple wall or minimal counter works as a separator between bedroom (see mattress sizes)and bathroom. You may need to remove doors, doorways, or walls so the space feels more open, light, and airy. When coupled with neutral colors and a well-thought out mix of man made and natural materials, this unified space feels like a luxurious oasis.

Nature heavily influences the trends 2018 as concerns about the environment continue to grow. Reclaimed wood, wood bookcases, and faux wood finishes bring together the outdoors and your relaxation space. Dark woods and finishes are back this year. They provide an attractive contrast to popular wall colors in pastels and neutrals.

Natural Elements
Plants, whether real or fake, bring life and color to a bedroom that might otherwise feel stark. They offer unique design features because they come in so many different heights, widths, and varieties. Leaves bring shape but have an organic spontaneity only nature provides.

Sustainability and the Environment
Sustainable materials like bamboo are being used for dressers, nightstands, headboards as well. Repurposing continues as a popular way to decorate the home. Finding the right retro piece to complement contemporary tastes adds a unique touch to the bedroom. Reclaimed pieces that fit into the minimalist trend stand out and make an attractive statement piece.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns
Geometric patterns especially circles offer an option add color and movement. Accent pillows, bedspreads, and other textiles present a subtle way to incorporate shape into the room. If you want a look that’s a little less traditional, nightstands, lighting, and mirrors can also be found in unique geometric shapes.

Experiment with Nightstands
Nightstands may be small but if you want a single piece to make a statement, a nightstand is a perfect way to update the look of your bedroom. Tree stumps, metallic tables, and even small ottomans with extra storage make great nightstands. If you simply need something for a light and your nightly reading, spindly-legged tables fit right in with current trends. Nightstands are also a good place to incorporate geometric shapes or natural materials.

Creating a unique bedrooms is our goal at Home Styling Today.

Article was written by Sarah Johnson from TUCK.



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