RippleFoldNew 690x400 690x400


A modern take on a classic look. Choose from 8 styles and over
400 materials. Multiple lining and decorative border options are available. All drapes are hung and tested prior to shipment.
Handcrafted in the USA! Ships in 10 Days or Less!
Modern Elegance-Ripple Fold Drapery
This simple design is a favorite of architects and interior designers. Easy to operate and highly functional. Glides effortlessly along a track (included).
A Best Selling Style-Tailored Pleat Drapery
Featuring a sleek waterfall pleat, this drapery hangs beautifully and is meticulously hand-sewn to ensure lasting look and functionality.
The Gold Standard-Pinched Pleat Drapery
Each pleat is “pinched” 4” down from the top to create this classic look. A stiffener sewn into each pleat ensures excellent functionality.
Dramatic With Deep Folds-Grommet Drapery
Featuring hand-pressed grommets available in 5 designer finishes. Perfect for stylish, modern interiors. Primarily a decorative style.
Clean & Modern-Inverted Pleat Drapery
Hand-stitched inverted pleats create a relaxed style and a humble elegance. At home in modern settings as well as traditional. Primarily a decorative style.
A Decorative Touch-Goblet Drapery
Style and sophistication of a bygone era. Each pleat is handcrafted, ensuring the goblet shape lasts for years to come. Primarily a decorative style.
Sleek & Incredibly Versatile-Cubicle Drapery
Custom made with small grommets that couple with hook carriers. Glides easily along a track (included). Draperies lay nearly flat while closed.
A Classic, Casual Look-Rod Pocket Drapery
A 3 ½” top pocket accommodates 4 of our designer hardware collections. Fabric gathers at desired widths. Not ideal for frequent use.

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