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We understand how challenging home styling can be whether you’re decorating a new home, starting a room makeover or buying new furniture, converting your vision into reality can be a daunting task. That’s why, when working with Home Styling Today you will find that a trained interior decorator can help you overcome even the trickiest interior challenge. We believe that you should love the place you live and we will help you meet that goal and tailor a space that distinctly reflects your lifestyle.
Our simple four step design process is as follows:

1. The Consultation:
The design consultation meetings are casual and collaborative. We meet at your home to assess the space and discuss your needs, requirements and budget. We then suggest design ideas to enhance the space, which may include color palettes, furniture arrangement, décor style, and review space challenges—such as lack of function, storage, or lighting needs—and offer creative solutions.

2. Finding Your Style:
After the initial consultation, we further assess your“design personality” through an questionnaire and magazine exercise designed to extract your preferences, interests, style, and needs. You are ask to flags pictures of rooms, furniture and accessories that appeal to you. This will gives us a strong sense of your general likes, dislikes, and provides a great starting point for creating a personalized design plan. Whether you have small children, or a busy corporate executive, every aspect of the your lifestyle is considered when creating a sophisticated and functional space.

3. Your Custom Design Plan:
After a careful review of the Design Exercise, we puts together a custom design plan for you.

*Color photos of furniture
*Lighting options
*Floor covering options
*Swatches of fabric selections
*Window treatment design
*Paint chips and/or wall covering options
*Wall décor and accessory options

The above will includes a budget sheet that details exactly how the budget will be spent. The plan also includes a list of vendors and showrooms where items can be viewed prior to purchase.

4. Implementation Of Your Interior Design:
Once the elements of the design plan are approved, we move to the purchasing phase. We will order all items, coordinate and oversee all deliveries and installations, as well as arrange all furnishings and accessories.
For remodeling projects, we work closely with our recommended, licensed and insured contractors and carpenters and manage/oversee the entire renovation process.
The entire process, from the initial consultation to the design implementation phase will depend on the project.
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