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Guide To Choosing The Right Size Sofa & Sectional

Always keep in mind the size and shape of the space. Simple rules, a small sofa fits a small space and large sofa fits a large space. If you are cramming a large sofas into small spaces this never looks or feels right. The opposite is also true, with small sofas getting lost in large lofts and living spaces.

Look at the other furniture and decor in the room. A large sofa will look out of place with small chairs or end tables and large rug.  Keep the sofa to scale with the other furniture.

The general spacing rules for all of the furniture in the room, including the sofa is there should be an 18-inch allowance between the sofa and the coffee table. There should be between 3 1/2 to 10 feet of space between seating so that everyone in the room can converse without feeling they are crowded. Additionally, the television and sofa should be at least 7 feet apart.

I always like to measure the sofa and mark out where it will go in the room with masking tape before buying it making sure it will really fit the space.  This is especially important for sectionals, which are often oversized and can inspire buyer’s remorse. I also like to measure the width of your front door to be sure you can get your new sofa into the house , keep any stairwells and hallways in mind if you’re in a condo or apartment.

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