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What Is Home Styling?

HOME STYLING is artfully rearranging and creatively utilizes your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories to transform any room in your home into a stylish, revitalized and inviting space which reflects your personal style and taste. Refreshing and enhancing a space with the understanding of a rooms purpose and function. Finding items that would complete the look and desired feel in your home.
Offers an affordable alternative to renewed a beautiful living space, usually within a day. By using your collected belongings-expensive or modest, new or old, with my design expertise your home will become more functional, balanced and up to date.


Whether you need help picking the right furniture, or accessory for a favorite space or need ideas about how to create that stylish room but are not sure how to pull it together, I can help. I will make suggestions, give ideas and direct you where to buy pieces from sources which save money as well as offer beautiful selections. My experience, innovative and cost effective design ideas will help you to achieve your home d├ęcor goals on your budget. This is very unlike home staging, which is performed exclusively in order to alter the home to match the target buyer demographics needs and wants when selling a home. So, in essence, the difference between staging and styling is not what is done, but instead, for whom the changes are made prospective buyer versus present owner. Therefore, home styling is a professional who chooses to concentrate on decorating for owners who intend to live in the newly improved space, rather than sell it.

Let me help you transform the place you live into the place you LOVE.


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